Road in South Sumatera Use Rubber Mixed Asphalt


PUPR Agenda

Jakarta - The Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing (PUPR) again will try to use asphalt with mixed material. This time, Balitbang (research and development agency) PUPR Ministry try to mix rubber asphalt which will be trialed road coating in South Sumatera.

Head of Research and Development Agency of of Ministry PUPR, Danis H. Sumadilaga says that they have been successfully tested the asphalt and raw rubber in Bogor and Bekasi. So this year, the asphalt pavement trial with crude rubber mixed asphalt will be aplicated along 10km in South Sumatera.

"We keep trying. Our goal is to support, as we tried in South Sumatera. The scale is longer, it has 10 Km already. Usually it is only 1 Km - 2 Km. In South Sumatera 10 Km long, Insha Allah, "Danis Sumadilaga said.

Danis convince that the asphalt with mixed rubber has better quality in term of strength, crack and flexibility as well. However, the cost of asphalt production with rubber mixed is still higher than asphalt without mixed material.

“Indeed, because it has not been industrial scale that makes the price is uncontrollable. For example the usual asphalt without rubber is 8.000 rupiah per kg, when we tested mixed with rubber the price12.000-13.000 Rupiah per kilo gram increase 30-40%. But the performance is better 50% than the asphalt. It can be measured from melamine, stability, strength to paper, the power of the grooves  more than 50%. If the 30-40% price goes up with performance up 50% is feasible, "Danis said

In addition that in mixing the asphalt with raw rubber take a special process Dannis said. The mixtures between rubber and asphalt is one of the government solution in order to overcome cheap rubber price

Dealing with the use of this rubber material, Danis describes this as a solution to the current low rubber price.

"Rubber prices is going down again, so the Minister of Economy to  give a recommendations on what products can be supported and utilize the natural rubber. We have asked the Ministry’s thoughts, it has been talking a year, that two years ago we have done a trial such as natural rubber that can be used to improve road pavement performance, "Danis added.