is a trusted and updated website that provides directory of construction business company such as Main Contractor, Supplier, Sub Contractor and Services. Anyone from accross the globe can easily access to find the references of material equipment, working partner with valid, verified and updated data all over Indonesia. Sispro has some of media platforms such as website, advertorial, and so printed media or book.
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  2. Available Product Profile/Service
  3. Company Experiences in Construction Sector
  4. Marketing Information

The information about company could be edited by every company

In expanding the use of information in, we create a parthnership to some instritution such as Ministery and also Industry/Services of Construction Companies

  1. The Ministry of Public Work and Housing
  2. District Government of Public Work in Indonesia
  3. Government Institution related to the construction preparation
  4. Architecture Consultant, Interior and Landscape
  5. Structure Consultant Planner
  6. Mechanical Consultant Planner and Electrical
  7. Project Owner and Wuantity Surveyor
  8. Main Contractor Managing Construction
  9. Construction Industry Company
  10. Association of Services Company
  11. Profession Association in Construction Service Company
  12. Academics/University/Construction Service Observer

PT GENTA MITRA SINERGI as the creator and web basis information manager sociaizes user so then the advertiser will get benefit as follows:

  1. Company will be more known through the global society, specifically to all construction servises user
  2. Company could add and edit the company's information enytime
  3. our website is friendly design to make user easy to use by classified the categories based on the company and the product specialization or construction services support
  4. The information (for platinum member) is eye catching that will develope the user or your partner
  5. by serving updated and valid data information, also support the Indonesian Construction Industry and Services
  6. Every member of get an interesting discount for every workshop and event we held

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