Jakarta-Surabaya Connected with Toll Road on Mudik Season



Yogyakarta - Basoeki Hadimoeldjono as the Minister of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) optimistic that Jakarta-Surabaya could connected with toll road on this Lebaran (Idul Fitri holiday season). He is sure that the mudik travel will be better than the last year which was still on the emergency conditions.

“We remember last year with emergency condition with dusty roads, most of were lean concrete and partilly were still roughness. This year Insya Allah (have been) rigid and the flexible soils, we’re gonna layered with asphalt,” he said.

Ministry of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi adds, although it is not 100% complete, the toll road around Batang, Central Java is already in the stage of finalization.

“It means from Jakarta to Surabaya is already connected with toll road. But for the Batal toll road and the surrounding of it which about 30-40 Km, it is just functional. Will not gonna paid,” said Budi.

According to Basoeki, the critical point of Batang-Semarang toll road is on the Kali Kuto Bridge. Since the construction of under the bridge will be finished on the late March 2018, the installation of girder and steel plates can do afterward.

“Hopefullu in May 2018 already installed, so that before the mudik season will be ready to used,” he concludes.