Trans Sumatera Ready to Use on Mudik Session


Jalan Tol

Jakarta –Indonesia Toll Road Authority (BPJT) informs that on the mudik session Trans Sumatera toll road is ready to use functional to support the safety and comfortable mudik in Sumatera. Some roads will be used functional that mean will help citizen that mudik to Sumatera.

Those functinal roads are Bakauheni—terbanggi Besar Package 1 Bakauhei Interchange—Sidomulyo Interchange with 30,5 Km length, Package 2 Sidomulyo Interchange—Lematang Inerchange along 35,6 Km, Package 3 Branti—Metro along 12,5 Km and also Package 4 Gunung Sugih—Terbanggi Besar along 9,84 Km.

For bakauheni—Terbanggi Besar road is having the completion for functional used in mudik session. Temporary functionary of Lampung Governor, Didik Suprayitno says the toll road will be ready on June.

“To bakauheni—Terbanggi Besar ready to used in June,” said Didik.

According to Didik, the use of Bakauheni—Terbanggi Besar toll road is a solution to break down the traffic that usually hapen during mudik session. He also says the toll road will be divided into 4 packages that is still having obstacle in land acquisitoin, yet he is really sure for the toll road will be ready to use.

“We are still focus on the land acquisition. In principal, the toll has been connected from Bakauheni to Terbanggi Besar,” he explained.

To palembang—Indralaya toll road also plan to use functional on Section 2 Pamulutan—KTM along 4,9 Km and Section 3 KTM—Indralaya along 9,28 Km. Meanwhile for the Section 1 of Palembang—Pamulutan along 7,75 Km will be fully operated.

There are also Terbanggi Besar—Pematang Panggang—Kayu agung, with Segment On Off Ramp, while Terbanggi Besar—Terusan Nyunyai along 22 Km is also used to be functional to support mudik session.

In addition, there are also some roads that are having a proper test, those are Section 1 of Medan Kualanamu—Tebing Tinggi (MKTT) starts from Tanjung Morawa Interchange until Parbarakan Interchange along 10,75 Km.