Wilangan—Kertosono Toll Road Will Be Functioned On Mudik



Kertosono – Ngawi—Kertosono toll road is ready to be operated during mudik season, including Wilangan—Kertosono section that will be operated functionally. It is on behalf of Ngawi—Kertosono toll road have been received two certificates, those are Certificate  of Proper Function of Toll Road and Certificate of Proper Operation that make the toll is possible to be operated soon.

“That is what we have. It was on schedule. None of all are missed from the target. The operational target is on the end of 2018,” said head of public communication bureau of Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR), Endra Atmawidjaja.

Based on evaluation and observation that had been done by the proper test team, it was decided that Ngawi—Wilangan toll road qualified all of the technical requirements as toll road and public road (highway).

Meanwhile, head director of PT Ngawi Kertosono Jaya (NJK) as the operator od the toll road, Iwan Moedyarno informs that Ngawi-Kertosono toll road been ready but they are still waiting for the ceremony. In addition, NJK now is preparing construction for an additional road as gate in access.

“The discussion was done just yesterday. It was about two weeks or three weeks, beside that, after the certificate of proper operation, BPJT suggess to Ministry of PUPR to issued the decision letter of Ministry regarding the application rate for Ngawi—Kertosono toll Road. The calculation of the rate will consider of investation value, user pay ability and also profit of operational transportation rate,” Iwan Moedyarno said.