Salatiga –Solo tol will operate next lebaran



Salatiga – The  Semarang-Solo Toll Road construction of Section IV and V which connecting Salatiga area with Kertasura (Solo) as far as 32.24 km has been convinced  to operate functionally in the coming lebaran festive 2018 sesion. The government will provide viability gap fund (VGF) in the form of construction along the 2.45 km to encourage the investment of this toll road segment.

"We are targeting the Semarang to Solo tol road  Section IV and V can be functionally perform  when Mudik season, except in Kali Kenteng  which is our critical point and we will try to carry out. If yet, the vehicle will pass through the bottom lane, “the Minister of Public Works and Public Works (PUPR), Basuki Hadimuljono said.

Minister Basuki also said about the challenges to the development of the Kenteng Bridge is still constrained in the construction  process . Kenteng bridge has a length of 496 meters with a height of about 40 meters, and currently has reached 48% .for the progress.

The Kenteng Bridge has become a critical point for functional toll road operations,following the design changes from the Long Bridge and Road Tunnel Security Commission (KKJTJ).

there is a little design change, if we see some pole is still below and the other is finished. I am optimistic Insha Allah  we can still accomplish the settlement, "Minister Basuki explained

By commencing the functioning of this section IV and V, it will complete the Semarang-Salatiga Toll Road which previously has overall functioned Section  I-III along 40.41 km . For land acquisition from Section IV and V this has reached 98% and 2% and the other applied land rental scheme.

The entire Semarang-Solo Toll road that spends Rp 7 trillion is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2018.