PT. Widya Graha Asana

PT. WIDYA GRAHA ASANA is a National Consultant who has various experiences in Feasibility Studies, Engineering Design, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Since its founding in 1989, PT. WIDYA GRAHA ASANA has a role in National Development. Until now our company has succeeded in providing consulting services and expertise for various clients, from the government sector to the private sector. Experience and expertise of PT. WIDYA GRAHA ASANA in the Development of Transportation, Transmigration & Rural Development, Irrigation Development & Water Resources, Surveys and Feasibility Studies, Regional Development, Training, Community / Institution Empowerment and Technical Assistance and Project Management have been successful.

Widya Graha Asana's expertise is challenging to create innovative and efficient solutions to the challenges of each project. Our superior staff are very competent in providing consultancy services ranging from conceptualization, design to the approval of each project.

Experts at PT. Widya Graha Asana has a greater range of abilities to work as team members in a multidisciplinary environment. Related disciplines such as architecture, engineering, management and finance, infrastructure development, environmental studios, also social and community empowerment, are all available here. This makes it possible for our experts to coordinate and control projects more efficiently and be more responsive to client requests.