PT. Tunas Jaya Sanur



PT. Tunas Jaya Sanur established since 1978 in Denpasar - Bali, which is engaged in construction services began from a business entity form of “CV”  And then with hard work and diligence with high commitment, in 1982 we improved making a “PT” (PT. TUNAS JAYA SANUR). Armed with a business license and the trust from the government, we continually strive to improve the quality of work, work effectiveness and efficiency and to improve service standard of work. And along with advances in technology and customer demands and competition in the highly competitive construction company, PT. Tunas Jaya Sanur began implementing the Quality Standard ISO since 2003

Within a period 35 years in the construction business since we started in Bali, due to the trust given by the clients and partners,  we spread to other areas such as Irian Jaya, Sumbawa, Mataram, Surabaya, Jakarta, Batam, Bintan, Palembang, Bandung, Banten, etc.

The trust that has been given to us in the previous year would be a tough challenge and we should keep and improve for our reference in realizing our objectives "Becoming  a credible National Construction Services company based on good services and the excellent quality supporting with a solid team work".



The ability of . Tunas Jaya Sanur to compete in these market segments is founded on the implementation of a new professional management approach which has been developed following recent experience with international companies on major projects and which will be continually enhanced within our internal organizational structure to meet the demands of today’s multi-national clients.




become a national construction services company that is credible and quality service based on the excellent work with supporting of a solid team work

Key words : construction services, national, credible, quality service
and excellent work, a solid team work



Always ready to realize the construction ideas and designs that exceed customer expectations

Consistently make innovations for the improvement of corporate management, leadership effectiveness and development of human resources quality

Placing the commitment as an important position in build a long term mutually beneficial relationship with all partners

Give priority to health and safety and environmental protection.



1. Ability in any action
2. Customer satisfaction is a top priority
3. Quality without compromise
4. Integrity basis for long-term relationship
5. Benefits without harming the other party
6. Business continuity as a primary consideration
7. The spirit of a high learning
8. Behave professionally
9. Creative and innovative



Our company is made up of experienced individuals that often have expertise in number of construction related fields


Commisioner              : I Made Dapir

President Director     : I Wayan Suwirta

Director                        : I Nyoman Parta, ST

HRD & GA Manager    : Ni Wy. Puspa Anggreni

Finance Manager        : AAA Raka Mahadewi, SE

Marketing Manager    : Ir. N. Pada Jayastra

Technique Manager   : Ir. I Wayan Karyana