PT. Jaya Beton Indonesia


PT Jaya Beton Indonesia was established by PT Pembangunan Jaya in 1978 embarking from the aspiration to get abreast at the fast development progress in the industrial sector and infrastructure.

Some of giant project have been supplied by PT Jaya Beton Indonesia instead of the materials have been imported from the overseas country at the beginning of PT Jaya Beton Indonesia established.

The projects such as Indonesia Asahan Alumunium (INALUM), Asean Aceh Fertilizer Plant, Panjang Harbour, LNG Bontang, Jakarta Outer Ring Road, Matahari Tower (40 storey building) have used Jaya Beton's products.

Even PT Jaya Beton Indonesia exported pile to Guam, Hawaii, and to Brunei Darussalam for Royal Brunei Air Force Project.

With reliable products and services, Jaya Beton's market has a very rapid growth. At this time, the company is in almost every infrastructure projects throughout Indonesia.

Ever since, PT Jaya Beton Indonesia has been participating in development activities, in supporting the implementation of major products throughout Indonesia. Our being the first national enterprise producing pre-stressed concrete spun piles and pre-stressed concrete spun poles has been put on the golden records of history.

Fabricating the products above requires high technological process and utilization of the latest and most modern techniques. So, PT Jaya Beton Indonesia deemed at necessary to join forces with highly experienced Japanese companies, for technology transfer. As the result, in 1978 PT Jaya Beton Indonesia established a cooperation with Sumitomo Construction Co. Ltd., and, particularly in manufacturing pre-stressed concrete spun poles, PT Jaya Beton Indonesia joined hands with the Japanese companies: Yoshimoto Co. Ltd. and Daido Concrete Co. Ltd.

We have stepped far forward and had target to be a pioneer in the concrete industry. In order to achieve such target, we perpetually pursue new technological development by using modern equipment and insessantly upgrade processing methods. We offer only the best of our product to our customers. That is why we become foremost in the field of concrete industries.