PT. Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi


PT Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi (WIKON) was a result of strategic movement of PT Wijaya Karya Tbk.. Bouncing back the financial crisis in 1998. PT Wijaya Karya has been restructured and returning to the core business and subsequently the non-contructions divisions were turned out to be subsidiary.


Previously known as PT Wijaya Karya Intrade (WIN). WIKON was officially establish with the ratification of the company's articles of assosiation by Notary Imas Fatimah No.16 dated January 20, 2000 and affirmed in the Decision Minister for Law and Regulations - Invitation Republik Indonesia No. C-19656 TH.2000 dated September 4, 200 and published in the State Gazette State dated February 2, 2001 No.10. Determination of the Company name of WIN into WIKON as already stated in Notary Deed No. 35 dated April 12, 2013 made before Sri Ismayati, S.H. Notary in Jakarta and obtained endorsement from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights No. AHU-21488.AH.01.02.2013, dated April 22, 2013.


WIN managing several business unit including metal, general trading, energy conversion and furniture. WIKON put the momentum to turn out its focus in the field of industrial and construction business.