PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri is one of the biggest companies which provide various types of electrical tools in Indonesia. Since it was established in the late of 2001, PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri has place itself as the leading distributor of high quality products, mainly power cable, electrical component, cable tray / ladder galvanized, hydraulics-pneumatics, and tools. Years of contribution to Indonesian Industries has made PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri a well known company with strong dedications to its customers.

With years of experience throughout various industries division, such as adhesive, industrial, pulp & paper, power, water treatment, refinery, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, boiler fabrication, rubber, plastic, steel, metal and other fabrication, PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri keeps on improving its tireless effort for the industries in order to achieve its objectives, which is to participate in the development of national electrical industrial, and also in oil & mining and gases sector.

PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri is also involved in distributing industrial electrical and instruments component to wide range of agents all over Indonesia, with the strong commitment of giving the best satisfaction by providing high quality product lines, faster delivery, excellent service with the most competitive pricing. This commitment ensures long term relationship with its customers with satisfaction guaranteed.

Customer satisfaction is the main concern of PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri, therefore, maintaining its integrity by providing the best after sales service is highly important. To achieve customer satisfaction, PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri provides highly trained technicians, supports and sales team with vast knowledge in industrial electrical and instruments, specializing in new and existing applications regardless of their complexities or how demanding they are.

As a leading company in its sector, PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri will keep on maintaining its reputations by improving its service at the forefront of the industry and focusing on fulfilling the needs of customers with high quality products and services.