PT. Geotekindo is a professional entity specializing in geotechnical investigation, design, research, construction and consultancy. Our parent company, Geoharbour Group (, is a chief editor of China Standard of Reclamation Soil Treatment and a director member of Technical Committee of China Soft Soil Treatment. So far we have developed into a complex entity with business of dredging, road and bridge construction, foundation engineering and jetty construction.

As a professional entity, we have completed over 300 large-scale projects over the past 10 years, total area of soil treatment has been over 10,000 Ha involving a variety of job sites, infrastructures and facilities, inclusive of roadways, airport runways, port stack yards, petrochemical facilities, ground reclamation, power plants and factory buildings etc. In Indonesia, we have done or are doing ground improvement over 400 hectare in Jakarta, Sumatera and Kalimantan.

We are extensively experienced in ground improvement works and promise a client the most cost-effective scenario, i.e., the best outcomes with the least investment and time. We have given a great priority and importance to R&D and patented our technology beyond 30 cases which is classified as green technology. For this contribution Geoharbour Group won three international awards in 2012: World 10th Bogsch Memory Medal, WIPO Award for Inventors and Green Invention Glory Medal.