PT. Armindo CaturPratama was founded in 1992. Since then PT. Armindo CaturPratama has grown into of the nation’s leading steel construction industry.

We specialise in Contruction Steel of Corrugated Steel Pipe (Culverts), Flex Beam Guardrail, Tower, Bridge Deck and others. These Product were launched in the market in 1995 as a starting point. In other side, PT. Armindo CaturPratama provides the service of Galvanize with Hot Dip Galvanize.

By this ability, PT. Armindo CaturPratama could produce the product that accordance to BS 729, ASTM A-123 standard, SII. No. 1187-84 / SNI 07-0950-1989. Also, we have a galvanizing facility that has capacity 31.200 ton per year.

Our capability and experience in Corrugated Steel, Telecomunication Tower, Transmission Line always ready will provide and fulfill your needs in this sector efficiently and low cost operational.

PT. Armindo CaturPratama is now poised to take another giant leap forward, as it positions itself to become a leader in Indonesia and a Real Global Player in the Steel Construction Industry, fully committed to its bold drive to create better products and services.


Corrugated Steel Pipe

Flex Beam Guardrail

Steel Bridge Decks

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Tower Telecommunication

Transmission Line

Development and Trading