The indicator PUE C315 series enables designing printouts according to individual needs. Functions of an indicator PUE C315 series: measuring units: [g], [kg], [N], [ct], [lb]; tarring in whole measuring range; automatic tare, tare memory; parts counting with equal part mass; +/- control of mass with set standard; percent setup with set standard; averaging of weighing result, digital filter; control of power supply from batteries; scale timer switch off; adjustable backlight on powering by batteries; adjustable baud rate between 1200-38400 bit/s; continuous data transmission through RS 232; manual or automatic mode for RS 232; weighing loads with switched off autozero function; measurement of maximum force or maximum mass placed on weighing pan; measurement of force influencing the weighing pan (in Newtons); start mass control; slot for connecting an additional LCD display; totalizing mode.

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PT. Intitek Presisi Integrasi

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  • PT. Intitek Presisi Integrasi
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