Association is a group that aims to help in the construction project activity. In Sispro you can find various associations that focus on the field of construction and ease you in cooperate with the company association or the profession association.

Apbi (asosiasi Perawatan Bangunan Indonesia)

Akji (asosiasi Kontraktor Jasa Konstruksi)

Akklindo (asosiasi Kontraktor Kelistrikan Indonesia)

Asdamkindo (asosiasi Sumber Daya Manusia Konstruksi Indonesia)

Aklinas (asosiasi Kontraktor Listrik Nasional)

Astekindo (asosiasi Tenaga Teknik Konstruksi Indonesia)

Astti (asosiasi Tenaga Teknik Indonesia)

Haki (himpunan Ahli Konstruksi Indonesia)

Akti (asosiasi Kontraktor Terintegrasi Indonesia)

Hamki (himpunan Ahli Manajemen Konstruksi Indonesia)

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