Office of Notary and Land Titles Registrar of Debra TC Schram,SH : 1 . Notary All Deeds made concerning the Agreement / Engagement and Conditions (Deed of Party / Relaas Deed) granted by the State to Notary as Public Officer (Open Baar Ambtenaar) include: 1. Sale and Purchase Ship / Aircraft 2. Establishment of PT. PMA (Foreign Direct Investment) 3. Sale and Purchase Building Ditanah Negara 4. Rent Lease Agreement 5. BOT Agreement (Build Over Transfer) 6. Establishment of PT (Limited Liability Company), Dissolution of PT, Merger PT 7. Establishment of CV, Log Out Persero 8. Power of Sale 9. General Meeting of Shareholders 10. Novasi 11. Credit Agreement 12. Personal Guarantee 13. Syndication 14. Legalization, Warmaking 15. Fidusia, Cessie 16. Establishment of a Cooperative (for which the Notary must have a Certificate from the Minister of Cooperatives & SMEs 2. Land Titles Registrar / PPAT All Deeds made relating to land and / or buildings either by individuals or legal entities (PT, Foundation, Cooperative, Persero or Other Legal Entity) concerning: - Buy and sell - Exchange - Grants - Entry into the Company - Sharing Rights - Provision of Resident Rights - Provision of Hak Guna Hak Hak Hak Milik - Granting Rights Right to Ownership 3.Other Services Diluar yang dua tersebut maka ada jasa lain : Management of Ship Mortgage / Aircraft Roya? debt cancellation Conversion / Certification of Indigenous Lands Request for Rights from State Land Transfer of Rights from Auction License of SIUP, TDP, HO, IUI, Eptik, Brik Brand Registration; Patent; Copyright

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CV. Mamscorp

DKI Jakarta
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  • DKI Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Utara
  • DKI Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Utara
  • Jawa Barat, Kab. Bekasi
  • DKI Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Selatan