2nd Warmadewa University International Conference On Architecture Anc Civil Engineering

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17 Oct 2019 s/d 17 Oct 2019 Warmadewa University International
Widya Sabha Uttama Warmadewa University Denpasar - Bali http://wuicace.teknikunwar.ac.id/
Jl. Terompong No.24, Sumerta Kelod, Denpasar Tim.,

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Construction and technology development gives many chances and opportunity for all architects and civil engineers to work creatively in developing their ability to arrange a sustainable building construction and planning which keep staying on local wisdom principal. Sustainability, design, and culture represent how construction and technology development should be considered in practical life. Those words are the keywords that interrelated each other, if we can combine those keywords along with construction planning we can create a construction that doesn’t harm aspects that already exist on the environment where the construction taken place. Aspects such as vegetation, soil, communities live, and many other still can proceed like usual or even get improved through our construction. If architects and civil engineer can combine and do all three it will change people perspectives about harming nature through building construction, that’s why this seminar should be held and can create a main point on how we should design and do the construction without harming nature.